Economic Commentaries

The Opioid Crisis and the Labor Market (joint with Anne Chen)

          Allegheny College Executive Roundtable on the Opioid Crisis

The Consequences of Exposure to Violence during Early Childhood (joint with Anne Chen)


Neighborhood Poverty and Neighborhood Quality in the Moving to Opportunity Experiment (joint with Daniel Kolliner)

          Summary   ·   WTAM   ·   Chicago Magazine   ·   Next City

Which Poor Neighborhoods Experienced Income Growth in Recent Decades? (joint with Kyle Fee and Nelson Oliver)

          Summary   ·   Washington Post   ·   Urban Cincy

The Concentration of Poverty within Metropolitan Areas (joint with Kyle Fee and Nelson Oliver)

          Summary   ·   WKSU   ·   WSJ Blog   ·   Milwaukeer Journal Sentinel

Concentrated Poverty (joint with Mary Zenker)


The Growing Difference in College Attainment between Women and Men (joint with Timothy Dunne and Kyle Fee)


Economic Trends

Recent Evidence on the Job Search Effort of Unemployed Females (joint with Chris Vecchio)

Job Search Before and After the Great Recession (joint with Anne Chen and Chris Vecchio)

Is a Neighborhood's Unemployment Rate Influenced by Its Metro Area? (joint with Kyle Fee and Nelson Oliver)

Differences in Employment Growth across Metropolitan Areas (joint with Kyle Fee and Nelson Oliver)

Educational Attainment and Demographic Differences in Employment (joint with Kyle Fee and Nelson Oliver)

Hours Worked and Employment (joint with Emily Burgen)

Measuring Small Business Hiring (joint with Emily Burgen)

Poverty and Unemployment in the Great Recession: Neighborhood Trends

Recent Trends in Neighborhood Poverty (joint with Kyle Fee and Nelson Oliver)

Recent Changes in the Relationship between Education and Male Labor Market Outcomes (joint with Mary Zenker)

Neighborhood Poverty Rates between 1970 and 2000 (joint with Mary Zenker)

Educational Attainment and Employment(joint with Mary Zenker)

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Building Infrastructure, Physical and Otherwise, in Rural Haiti